High Pressure Metering Pump

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High Pressure Metering Pump's operating principle: Reciprocation of plunger drives hydraulic oil, and hydraulic oil drives the diaphragm to reciprocate, so as to suck in and discharge the medium.

◆ Designing and making standard GB/T7782-2008

◆ It can remove remained gas in the hydrolic and keep the oil stiff with high metering accuracy.

◆ Seal without leaking

◆ Control system of diaphragm is full retroposition


◆ It is suitable for the high pressure and large flow situation during the technique process of oil, pertolization and chemoindustry, or prying and loading system of dangerous chemicals injection and land gas transporting and marine oil and gas transporting, nuclear power and military industry as.

Hydraulic end

◆ Multiple standard Hydraulic ends include high-quality diapgrahm pump head and metal diaphragm pump head

◆ Special Hydraulic ends like insulation jacket are provided for choice

◆ Leaking detect of diaphragm pump (on-site/distance) can use either preesure type or electrolyte style.

◆ Special choices are prepared for materials of pump head, one-way valve, diaphragm, plunger and stuffings

◆ Accessories are sufficience for choice like inlet and outlet one-way valve, single ball valve, two-ball valve and cone valve

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