Deep Drawing Parts

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Benefits of Deep Drawing Parts

Youlin® Deep drawing parts is especially beneficial when producing high volumes, since unit cost decreases considerably as unit count increases: once the tooling and dies have been created, the process can continue with very little downtime or upkeep. Tool construction costs are lower in comparison to similar manufacturing processes, such as progressive die stamping, even in smaller volumes; in these situations deep drawing may also prove the most cost-effective manufacturing solution.

When considering the functionality of the end product, Youlin® deep drawing parts poses still more advantages. Specifically, the technique is ideal for products that require significant strength and minimal weight. The process is also recommended for product geometries that are unachievable through other manufacturing techniques.

Deep Drawing PartsDeep drawing is perhaps most useful for creating cylindrical objects: a circular metal blank can easily be drawn down into a 3D circular object with a single draw ratio, minimizing both production time and cost. Production of aluminum cans is one example of a popular use of this method.

Squares, rectangles and more complex geometries may create slight complications, but are still easily and efficiently created through the deep drawing process. Typically, as complexity of the geometry increases, the number of draw ratios and production costs will increase.

Deep drawing may be a viable production solution for any manufacturing process that requires one or more of the following:

● Seamless parts: Youlin® deep drawing parts are created from a single sheet of metal

● Rapid cycle times: large quantities of products are easily manufactured through deep drawing

● Complex axi-symmetric geometries: deep drawing delivers exceptional detailing and accuracy

● Reduced technical labor: precision deep drawing can deliver similar results as technical labor in quicker time frames

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