What does it mean when a man gives a girl an umbrella?

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Today, umbrellas can be used to keep out the rain or shade from the sun, and they have many uses. It is very common for friends and couples to give gifts to each other, and umbrellas are the first choice for many people to give gifts. However, many people may not know the meaning of giving an umbrella, the implication of giving an umbrella, and what it means to give an umbrella to a girlfriend.

It is normal for friends to give gifts to each other, and giving an umbrella is convenient and practical. Sending an umbrella between friends means that a friend is the one who wants to protect you from the wind and rain, and no matter what happens, he will support each other with you, always stand by your side, and accompany you to face difficulties.

If a male friend gives an umbrella to a female friend, it means that he wants to be the girl's umbrella and hopes that he can protect the girl from harm.

In ancient times, umbrellas were a good meaning, representing wealth and auspiciousness, and among lovers, giving umbrellas was also a good meaning, so there was also the saying of welcoming relatives with umbrellas in the folk customs at that time. In Taiwan, the Hakka people regard the umbrella as an expression of unusual friendship, and it is a very practical mascot.

Every year in the third month of the lunar calendar, the ethnic minorities in Yunnan will have young men and women dance together under the same umbrella to express their love for each other.

And couples give each other umbrellas, indicating a happy marriage and many children.

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