What is the taste and flavor of fructose?

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The lower the temperature of fructose, the greater the sweetness, that is, the colder and sweeter the taste.

Compared with other sugars, fructose has a sweetness in the mouth that comes and goes quickly. The sweetness peak of fructose occurs earlier than other flavors of the food. When other flavor peaks of the food appear, the sweetness of fructose has subsided, so that it will not cover other flavors of the food, and can coexist harmoniously with various flavors, so it will not cover and confuse other fruits due to the addition of fructose original flavor.

In contrast, the taste of sucrose comes and goes slowly, and the sweetness in the mouth disappears after 30 seconds. When the food aroma is released, it is the peak area of the sweetness of sucrose, which is covered by the sweetness of sucrose.

This property of fructose allows it to be used in juices and juice sodas, such as pineapple juice, hawthorn juice, mango juice, pear juice, etc., to keep the pulp bright and fruity. Used in candy and pastry processing to maintain the original flavor of the fruit. For alcoholic beverages, such as wine, sparkling wine, medicinal wine and other formulated wines, it can maintain the characteristic taste of the wine.

The dissolution of fructose absorbs a lot of heat, and it absorbs a lot of heat from the mouth after the entrance, so it will give people a cold feeling.

This characteristic of fructose is very suitable for soft drinks, carbonated drinks, fruit wine, soft drinks and drinks prepared with fructose (high fructose syrup), and it will give people a refreshing and refreshing feeling after the entrance. Using fructose as a sweetener in beverages can improve the quality of beverages in terms of taste.

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