What are the functions of the fog cannon machine?

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The fog cannon machine uses high pressure to spray water in the form of micro mist. The water mist attaches dust particles and bacterial virus bodies in the air. When the particles reach a certain weight, they will fall to the ground to achieve the effect of dust reduction and air purification.  During the special period, the fog cannon can also spray the liquid with disinfectant. The disinfectant in the micro-mist state can effectively knock down the 20-200μm dust particles in the air, and has a good effect on bacteria and virus clusters. bactericidal effect. In summer, the fog cannon machine can be used for spraying and cooling in workshops, steel plants, etc., especially the fog cannon vehicle, which sprays water in the front and sprays in the back, which has a much better effect on urban air dust reduction, cooling and humidification.

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